Mikey V’s heats Up The Square


Nothing says Texas like hot sauce! And Mikey V’s has tons of it!!

So many sauces! From mild, to “who really needs tastebuds anyway?”.


The square’s spicy jewel features their own blends of fiery goodness, as well as a huge selection of other sauces to tempt literally any palate. Like it hot? They have that.

The cranky Grandpa of hot sauce. This is not for the meek.

Like it mild? Well they have that, too.

Ok maybe not entirely mild, but still incredible.


Need unique glassware? Check out the beautiful work of Etch & Sketch Glass Worx that custom makes amazing mugs and glasses for the shop.

And who doesn’t need reaper candy?

There are also rubs, sauces, jellies, jerky, t-shirts, aprons….you name it.

And the nicest crew to help you with any warnings questions, and suggestions.


Samples!!! So. Many. Samples.

All of those bottles on the counter are available for sampling. And this is just one section!

You might want to bring some water. And perhaps emergency contact information. Juust kidding.

Keeping Georgetown Spicy, Mikey V’s is a local business that keeps heating things up.

Mikey V’s is located at 711 S Main St, Georgetown, TX

600 Degrees Pizza

Arguably one of the coolest things about living in a big small town like Georgetown is the fun local restaurants that you can find in one.

600 Degrees Pizzeria is just one of those places. Casual dining, family friendly, unique pizza combos. Very popular with the locals.

Simple menu, tons of choices.
Packed on a weekend mid afternoon.


Expect a long wait, especially during rush times (which is almost always), and a very lively, colorful atmosphere.

Good time to catch up and enjoy craft beer.

As the dog statue says, the patio is dog friendly. So if you want to treat your dog to a mega slice, this is the place.

Yes, this is ONE slice. Yowza!

But it’s pretty good pizza (vegetarian options!), and the staff will definitely take good care of you.

600 Degrees Pizzeria is located at 124 East 8th Street
Georgetown, TX.

Sundays On Main

What a lovely day to get outside and enjoy life. I hadn’t wandered around downtown Round Rock in a little while, so it seemed like a perfect chance to do so.

Quick peek into the Palm House Museum. It was closed, so maybe next time.

New artwork in the Plaza




A little relaxing by the water feature at the plaza.


Making notes to try all these restaurants. Soon.






I never turn down a browse through the candy shop.

And of course, an iconic water tower photo is a must


It’s a lovely main street. And even a lazy Sunday afternoon is exciting, with live music spilling out of various local hangouts.

Gotta love springtime in Texas!