Little cafe with BiG heart

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy a lovely lunch and a bit of shopping, but when it has such a deep meaning behind it, it’s extra special.

If you’ve never been to Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG, as it’s known to the locals), that needs to change. It’s part quaint cafe, part artisan gift shop, and all heart.


Designed and created to be a place for  adults with special needs both to work and be creative, BiG is as big as it gets! The art and crafts made by the folks there will blow your mind, and the food is positively incredible! There is so much attention to detail here. You will find yourself lingering a good long while.

They also have an enormous greenhouse you can make an appointment to tour.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, out of the way cafe to catch up with friends, pop in. And if you happen to be in the market for original, heartstoppingly beautiful gifts, you are in double the luck!

Don’t forget to try their tremendously delicious fudge!

This truly demonstrates we live deep in the heart of Texas.

Mission goal from the website : “To provide an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging and validates dignity and respect for adults with disabilities.”


Brookwood in Georgetown is located at 905 N. Church St., Georgetown, TX 78626


And, as always, if a town that holds gems like this is a place you’d like to call home, call me. I am here for all your relocation and realty needs.

Rough And Ready

Wandering around the town square, with it’s beautiful old buildings, can feel like you have stepped back in time. But wandering into Rough And Ready antique store feels like you have leapt back in time, and are in no hurry to leave. Even before you go through the door, the sidewalk display tugs you gently into an elegant, but rustic past. Inside the shop, there is a distiguished aroma of well cared for woods, and polished silver mixed with subtle handmade candles. So many things to see, and so beautifully displayed. It’s almost like perusing an art gallery instead of an antique store. You will want to be sure you have time to linger here. There are endless treasures, and one of them you may want to make your own. Rough And Ready Antiques is located at 602 Main Street in Georgetown.   And if you’re ready to make Georgetown your own hometown, call me! I would love to help with all your real estate needs!