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Baby, It’s Cold Inside

It may not be cold outside at the moment, but it’s freezing in here! And it is delicious!

Subzero is a new nitro ice cream shop offering delectable combinations made to order as you watch. It’s like dessert and a magic show!


They even nest your creamy confection in a waffle cone!

Everyone is incredibly nice and friendly, so when you inevitably take time deciding which combination to get, you won’t feel awkward at all.

Sleek and cool interior (no pun intended), delicious ice cream, typical Texas winter…what more could you ask for?


Subzero is located at  200 University Blvd Ste 630, Round Rock, TX 78665, right by the Round Rock Outlets. So after you finish shopping, go chill out with some ice cream.


And if you find yourself wanting to chill out in a new home this winter, call me! I am here for you!

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