Little cafe with BiG heart

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy a lovely lunch and a bit of shopping, but when it has such a deep meaning behind it, it’s extra special. If you’ve never been to Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG, as it’s known to the locals), that needs to change. It’s part quaint cafe, part artisan gift shop, andRead More

Rough And Ready

Wandering around the town square, with it’s beautiful old buildings, can feel like you have stepped back in time. But wandering into Rough And Ready antique store feels like you have leapt back in time, and are in no hurry to leave. Even before you go through the door, the sidewalk display tugs you gentlyRead More

600 Degrees Pizza

Arguably one of the coolest things about living in a big small town like Georgetown is the fun local restaurants that you can find in one. 600 Degrees Pizzeria is just one of those places. Casual dining, family friendly, unique pizza combos. Very popular with the locals.   Expect a long wait, especially during rushRead More

Coffee on the Square

I was getting some quality retail therapy time on the square recently, and it hit me–that afternoon slump that can only mean it’s coffee time! Luckily, I was right near Cianfrani Coffee Company.     It’s such a quaint, inviting coffeehouse. It has artwork displays, tons of comfy seating, lots of clever coffee cups forRead More

Old World in Old Town

  If you are searching for Old World Vineyard style with Old Town flair, this is the place. Georgetown Winery, a beautiful store nestled on S Main Street, offers much more than just wine. They have wine related gifts,  teas,  and a huge selection of balsamic vinegars and olive oils. So you don’t have toRead More

Great Coffee in Georgetown

Surprise! Guess what’s nestled inside the Georgetown Public Library? It’s the Red Poppy Coffee Co. Fun, Unique, Yummy, Gotta Go! On a pretty day, enjoy your banana peach smoothie or gourmet organic coffee sitting near the bubbling fountain and happy flowers. Hungry? Lisa will whip up Dewey Decimal Deli Sandwich, or maybe you’d rather devourRead More